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The Academy is a consortium of talented and motivated undergraduate women, faculty, professionals, organizations, and institutions linked by a common purpose: to encourage and inspire more women in the Americas to advance to higher levels of education and influence in the science, technology, engineering, math, and architecture (STEM+A): fields. Women in the Americas have valuable perspectives to contribute to these disciplines, and this program strives to develop the talents and leadership skills of undergraduate women for their long-term success, advance research across the continent, and ignite transformative social change. Additionally, The Academy will place value on the unique experiences and perspectives of indigenous women by providing an inclusive and culturally sensitive university environment.

The Academy is a:first-of-its-kind international platform and will include participants from the U.S. and Latin America. We invite you to get involved as a faculty, professional, or organization to share your knowledge, inspire young talent, and be a part of this important movement.

Connect With Top International Talent

Participants and professionals will bring invaluable knowledge and experience combined with an eagerness to learn from each other and grow. Your engagement will add to the intellectual advancement of The Academy as it accelerates to be the hub of female talent through the advancement of research knowledge and the development of leadership skills. This fulfilling and worthwhile experience is an opportunity to expand your global network, gain exposure to global perspectives, and engage in meaningful problem solving, while you help ensure the long-term academic and personal success of young female innovators.

One Woman’s Success Can Inspire and Lift a Family, Neighborhood, or Community in the Americas

Connect with us, contribute, and support these young women as they ascend to higher levels of education, influence, and leadership in their disciplines.


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