Synthesis of the Academy III 2018 Program

The Program includes four weeks of work and preparation with the idea of giving participants tools for their development and personal and professional empowerment. The cost includes: lodging, meals and transfers on the activity days of the course.


  • The first week will be a stay in the community of Hobonil; among the activities are conferences on the Mayan culture, Yucatan and a brief workshop of Logical Framework Methodology that is used for the identification and attention of the problems in rural communities. In this first week, the community of Yaxhuna will be visited. The participants will have the opportunity to talk with the families / groups of the community there, so that they can identify the problem and topic of interest to work with during the following weeks. The goal is to prepare a proposal to address the chosen problem.

The next three weeks, the headquarters will be Merida, in the facilities of the Autonomous University of Yucatan.

  • During the second week the emphasis of the program is placed on a workshop on project management and the integration of team work teams. Accompanying these days there will be some conferences and lectures.
  • The third week will have the support of experts in order to review their proposals; conferences and small workshops for data and information management are the other activities. It is expected that this week they will return to the community to talk about their progress on the proposals.
  • The fourth week will have an emphasis on the topic of entrepreneurship, leadership and the realization of two products for the presentation of their proposals to qualifying jury.

The participants will have a certification of the workshops given and the 5 best performers will be entitled to the scholarship “Beca Amigo” granted by the University of New Mexico (UNM). With this scholarship they will have access to preferential fees for the completion of postgraduate studies at UNM.