Welcome to the Academy

The Academy for women in STEM is the result of a 100,000 Strong for the Americas grant competition. An international education initiative designed to provide more women in the innovation fields the knowledge, skills, abilities, and support to ascend to higher education and leadership levels within their communities and countries. The Academy is a comprehensive program designed to facilitate the academic and career advancement of underrepresented/minority women – including indigenous women – in the innovation fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Architecture (STEM+A).


The Innovation Academy for Women of the Americas aims to:

  • Increase bidirectional student mobility between the U.S., Mexico, and the Americas through an innovative academic and career development program for underrepresented, minority, and indigenous women in the STEM+A fields.
  • Increase the preparedness and representation of women in STEM+A higher-level research and senior leadership roles in the workforce.
  • Provide support for women in the STEM+A fields through on-going web-based forums and mentorship designed to provide encouragement and individualized, meaningful guidance.
  • Discover and leverage ways institutions can collaborate in the STEM+A field over long periods of time.

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